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I just watched Guardians Of The Galaxy today.

What do I think of if?

To me, it's almost as good as The Avengers. The only thing that kinda brought it down for me is the Friendship Speeches.…

Today is the birthday of a Pixiv Artist that goes by the name "Saru".

I drew one of the characters she frequently draws for her birthday picture. I don't know the name of the character because my Japanese is very poor but I think she's Saru's original character and possible Saru's signature character.
I remember myself as a little kid being introduced to Robins Williams for the first time through the song "Friend Like Me" in the movie, Aladdin.

Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.

We ain't never had a friend like you.
Today is my baby nephew's first birthday party.

His real first birthday is on Tuesday, 5th of August, 2014.