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Married To Fubuki by Fubukio
Today... 31st of March, 2015... I had my first marriage with my very first ship, 1st of the Fubuki-Class Ships, Destroyer Fubuki. <3

I drew this picture of Fubuki in a wedding dress to celebrate our marriage. <3
Cheerful JAPAN! 2015 by Fubukio
This is a drawing dedicated to cheering up Japan from the horrible disaster that happened exactly 4 years ago.

This is a drawing of Hibiki from Kantai Collection wearing the Cheerful JAPAN! outfit.

MIKU DAY 2015 by Fubukio
Today is Miku Day! X3

For this year's Miku Day, I drew a picture of Miku from Rolling Girl.

Today is the birthday of Tsunako. Tsunako is the character designer and illustrator for Hyperdimension Neptunia and Date A Live.

I drew a picture of Blanc, from Hyperdimension Neptunia, for Tsunako's birthday! X3

I hope she likes it.

I wish that she can come back to Pixiv and draw more pictures for Pixiv.
Today I finally started playing Kantai Collection.

It was confusing at first, but I quickly learned a lot of things.

My Starter Fleet Girl is Fubuki, and she is currently my strongest Fleet Girl.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FC 2015 by Fubukio

Today is the birthday of a friend of mine on Pixiv, FC.…

She really likes Akemi Homura, so I drew Akemi Homura with bunny ears and a bunny tail and she hops around.

Fubuki's Panties by Fubukio

The first episode of Kantai Collection anime came out a couple of days ago and it kept having Fubuki panty shots here and it felt strangely emphasized to me.

I drew a picture of Fubuki being embarrassed by her panty shots.