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Weiss Schwarz Tournament 12-4-2014
Takehito Harada Doujin Vol. 9 - Front
Today, our old Rottweiler, Joe, passed away... ; w ;

The details about his passing was quite confusing, but apparently he was accidentally ran over by a truck, despite not having any sign of the body being crushed in any way.

I've known Joe since my dad brought him home as a puppy.

Joe had been a very strong Rottweiler, even when very young. His neck muscles along broken the metal buckle on a leather collar we gave him one time.

He went and did Guard Dog Training at a specialized dog school, which is why he is especially strong and fierce. But that training caused an incident involving him biting an old lady, and since then had to live almost his entire remaining life in a cage.

He was around 13-14 years old before his passing. My dad said that it's better this way because he was suffering from bad worm infections, some bone problems and muscle problems. His face was already deteriorated and he wasn't that responsive when I last saw him, so I knew that he didn't have long to live anyways.

Kinda glad that I've shared some of my favorite pastry food with him for the past few years because I knew that he didn't have long to live.

Goodbye Joe... ; w ;
Persona 4 Golden
Weiss Schwarz Tournament 5-4-2014…

2nd of April was the DVD and Blu-Ray release date for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story.

To celebrate it, I drew a picture of Akemi Homura
Today is the DVD and Blu-Ray release date for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story.

To celebrate it, I drew a picture of Yours Truly.…

Today is my birthday. So I did a drawing of Fubukio napping for my own birthday.

Kinda sad that I didn't get the chance to buy any PS Vita. I only stayed at home and do practice drawings and played some DOTA 2. =w= My brother treated me to a steak dinner but that was it, I didn't even get any cake or desert at all today. =w=
Weiss Schwarz Draft Tournament 29-3-2014
Weiss Schwarz Tournament 22-3-2014
Monster Hunter Birthday Bash 2014
Weiss Schwarz Tournament 15-3-2014
Akemi Homura Autograph Board 2…

Miki Sayaka And Sakura Kyouko Autograph Board 2…


Today I received another Akemi Homura Autograph Board and Miki Sayaka And Sakura Kyouko Autograph Board from the seller by mail as an exchange for the ones I bought the other day that were damaged when they were being sent by mail. I will be mailing the damaged ones back to the seller soon.…

This is a drawing dedicated to cheering up Japan from the horrible disaster that happened exactly 3 years ago.

This is a drawing of Miki Sayaka and Sakura Kyouko who are dressing in cheerleader outfits.



Today is Miku Day and I decided to draw and submit my second Miku Day Picture. X3

Hope You Guys Like It! X3
Weiss Schwarz Tournament 8-3-2014
Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 - Back…

I received my Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 today by mail.

Now I more reference images to help my Monster Hunter Group on Facebook to do more drawings for them.