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Today is the birthday of Hibikio. :iconhibikio:

For this year, it's a chibi of her cosplaying as Hibiki from Kantai Collection. It's funny that they are pretty much looks the same, except that Hibikio smiles while Hibiki usually has an angry face. XD

Why did I draw her cosplaying as Hibiki? It's because there's a Hibiki and a Fubuki in Kantai Collection which is quite the coincidence, given the names. And also, Hibikio's character appearance looks like Hibiki. XB

I'm not actually sure if she likes Kantai Collection or not, but she can easily take revenge by drawing me crossdressing by cosplaying as Fubuki. LOL


Today is the birthday of an. X3

an is an artist on Pixiv and she is my most favorite Vocaloid Artist.

Since today is her birthday and I really love her drawings, I thought that I might as well do a birthday picture for her. X3

This is a picture of Gumi and Gumiya, which are the two character she draws the most and they always have really nice romantic moments together which I really like. X3 So I might as well draw a picture of both Gumi and Gumiya together as her birthday picture. X3
I had my first Job Interview today to work at EB Games!

It was a group interview and it was surprisingly fun and funny! XD…

Today is Hatsune Miku's Birthday! XD

I can't think of a good Birthday Theme picture to draw so I just draw a chibi picture of Miku instead. XD

Today is also the 3rd Anniversary of me joining Pixiv.
I just watched Guardians Of The Galaxy today.

What do I think of if?

To me, it's almost as good as The Avengers. The only thing that kinda brought it down for me is the Friendship Speeches.